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  • Seasonal jewellery trends that every retailer should know!

    We've crossed mid-April and Autumn is about to end soon. With the changing seasons, it's time you update your jewellery stock as well. 2019 has as we all know have been a year about making a statement. The BIGGER, the FLASHIER... the BETTER!  Here are some trends you should know so that you stay ... View Post
  • Sell more jewellery with these Tips!!

    Every jewellery retail store owner wants his/her store to succeed and sell more. Here are some tips which can help become the awesome salesperson you want to be: 1. Make your store a welcoming place A customer wants to feel relaxed and feel like being taken care of when they come to make a purcha... View Post
  • 5 Jewellery display tips every retailer should know about

    How you highlight and put your jewellery pieces in your store can severely impact your business and your revenue. We want both our businesses to grow and in this blog post we are going to share a few tips on how to be a rockstar at it: 1. Use light to illuminate your pieces Having lamps, spotligh... View Post