Latest Trends for June 2018

Winter is finally here and so is our Autumn/Winter 2018 collection! We have done extensive research at Harpson Accessories to bring you the best of the best in fashion jewellery trends.

This month we are inspired by deep hues, glitzy beaded necklaces, and tassle chains. Keep reading to learn more about the latest trends for this month...


Harpson Accessories Tassle Chain Necklace Australia

1. Tassle Chains

Amplify the tassle trend and go for a sparkling chain tassle style instead! Chain tassle designs are far more durable than fabric tassles and can add to bling you've been searching for to dress up even a simple tee and blazer.


DN1012 silver tassel necklaceDN1011 gold tassel necklace

DN1012 - Silver Necklace | DN1011 - Gold Necklace


Glitzy bead necklace wholesale Australia

2. Glitzy Beads

Accessories trends tend to get a bit dull in Winter. However, this season we're noticing a huge pull towards sparkly beads and glitzy pendants! Add some sparkle to your style with our similar necklaces...


DN1008 beaded pendant necklaceDN1009 Beaded pendant necklace

DN1008 - Aqua Necklace | DN1009 - Silver Necklace


Latest trend deep hue jewellery

3. Deep Hues

Embrace your darker side and pick up some styles in deep burgundy, navy, or forest green. We've heard that it's rare to come across wooden styles with perfectly deep colourways so get them while you can!


ATN1012 navy painted wooden bead necklaceATN1011 Burgundy painted wooden bead necklace

ATN1012 - Navy Necklace | ATN1011 - Burgundy Necklace


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