Seasonal jewellery trends that every retailer should know!

We've crossed mid-April and Autumn is about to end soon. With the changing seasons, it's time you update your jewellery stock as well. 2019 has as we all know have been a year about making a statement. The BIGGER, the FLASHIER... the BETTER! 

Here are some trends you should know so that you stay up to date this season:


Yes, it's back with a bang and a twist! Maybe not the granny old style but head-turning styles with new shapes and creative designs. 

2. Extra Longggg Earrings

If you've been following trends you must have seen big celebrities wearing longer than ever earrings. It is an awesome era for earrings, so let it hang!!


This trend has decided to yet stick another season. Fill up your stores with these chocks full and playful avatars!

4. Drip Drop!

This year is all about GETTING ATTENTION... The trend that works for regardless of who, what and where they wear it. 

These are some of the trends inspired by runways this season. Your customers are dynamic and so should you be. Update your stock now!

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