Summer 2018 Earring Trends

Are you ready for summer?!

There are so many wonderful jewellery trends for this upcoming season, and statement earrings are definitely one of them! From colour and materials to design, there are endless options when picking earrings to stock in store. So, we’ve chosen a couple of summer earring trends here at Harpson Accessories that we think will be loved by customers all over Australia, no matter the store.

Pastel Earrings

When we think of our favourite part of summer, we think of the gorgeous pastel sunrises and sunsets. This season, it’s all about the light, airy colours that make you think of freedom. While bright seaside blues and yellows have been the trend for a while, it seems as if designers are paring it back this summer and embracing muted tones.

We’re especially loving dusty greys, pinks, and blues that add a fresh feeling to any outfit.

Pastel Blue Tassel Earrings Wholesale

Get the look:

AE1009 Dusty Blue Tassel Earrings

AE1009 Dusty Blue Tassel Earrings

Tassel Earrings

As written recently in Vogue Italy, “tassel earrings are the new fashion trend for summer 2018”! We love that tassels make a statement while still staying soft and feminine. They can be glammed up with a cocktail dress, dressed down with a day dress and denim jacket, or suited up for work. We’re almost certain your tassel earrings will be a talking point for your customers too!

Pink Tassel Earrings Wholesale

Get the look:

AE1008 Pastel Pink Tassel Earrings

AE1008 Pastel Pink Tassel Earrings

What are you favourite earring trends for this summer? Leave us a comment below!

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