About Us

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Harpson Accessories is one of Australia's leading wholesale fashion accessories suppliers. Directed by Nicole Harper, Harpson Accessories is an umbrella of accessories brands. These brands include PunkyB, Atropico, and Harper & Willo.


About the Brands



Established in 2006, PunkyB is Harpson Accessories’ first accessories brand. In just over 10 years, PunkyB has developed to be more than a range of affordable, high quality, and stylish fashion accessories. Rather, PunkyB has become synonymous with coastal inspired designs and a luxury aesthetic.

When Australia thinks about PunkyB Jewellery, the Hamptons lifestyle comes to mind. PunkyB pieces take seaside tones and glamorous materials, infusing these features with feelings of glitzy, coastal living. 

With multiple collections released every year, PunkyB is always on top of the trends. Recent collections have incorporated wooden beaded designs, either painted with sand and seashell shades or showcasing their raw, driftwood tones. In recent releases, PunkyB has also crafted summery resin designs, enamel styles flaunting all shades of the coral reef, and silver and rose gold metal pieces that glisten like the sparkle of the ocean at sunset.

With over 1000 PunkyB styles available, hundreds of boutiques, gift stores, and pharmacies across Australia trust PunkyB for their fashion accessories, delivered in a breeze, straight to their door.



Atropico is all about resort and beach style living.

Atropico accessories are created with the tropics in mind, for women who have a relaxed and fun sense of style. The brand incorporates natural materials with bright colours, to offer the boldest tropical designs.

Atropico accessories make a statement with every outfit, whether it be a casual day at the beach, a brunch outing, or dinner and drinks at sunset.


Harper & Willo

Inspired by Art Deco architecture and natural elements, Harper & Willo is elegant, a little bit edgy, and can be worn by women of all ages.

Harper & Willo designs have a unique point of difference: feminine forms combining fierce natural elements with simple metals. The styles are minimal, manufactured using fine stainless steel, and incorporate a range of natural stones.

Harpson Accessories works hard to reflect Harper & Willo designs off the way the brand can make women feel. It’s all about feeling unique whilst making a statement.


Our Promise to You

At Harpson Accessories, we aim to offer you the upmost in customer service. We hope you will experience this in every aspect of your interaction with our company, from the team member that answers the phone to the team member that packs your order.


Do you have a question about a brand, the company, or your account? You can contact us here.